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Have you seen the Oscar-awarded movie Mediterraneo? Would you like to spend some time on an island forgotten by the contemporary world, in an idyllic fishing village that by a miracle escaped the blessings of civilization and development of tourism? A place without motorways, cars, or anything noisy that would disturb the whisper of the sea and the song of crickets. And while you are reposing alone on your own beach, the sea-breeze brings scents of the sea and of the olives from the neighbouring olive grove

Kaprije is a little island in Sibenik's well indented archipelago, 40 or 70 minutes by ferry from Sibenik. It is separated from Italy only by islands of Kakan, Zirje, and the crystal clear sea.

The island was named after the Mediterranean plant caper whose green buds are used pickled. Caper was probably abundant at the time the island was settled by the refugees from the mainland, during the Turkish invasion in the 16th and 17th century. That is the period when St.Peter's church was built. In the 14th and 15th century the island belonged to the noblemen from Sibenik.

Kaprije has only one village with one hundred residents, a post office, a first-aid station, a shop and several cosy bars. A dozen of restaurants are scattered around the island, particularly appreciated by the yachtsmen (one of the famous regular guests is Bernie Ecclestone).

When you take an evening walk along the seafront, across the main village square where the local boys are playing football next to the older citizens playing boules, you will wish to remain here forever, far away of the cruel reality of everyday life.

Kaprije cove, naturally sheltered from all winds, starts to twinkle in the twilight, lit by the foremast lights of sailing boats arriving after a full day cruising through the neighbouring Kornati islands, anchoring here for a safe sleep. With the new sunrise over the calm morning sea they will once again cast off and silently glide into the endless blue.

Our two apartments house is located on the edge of the village, thirty meters from the beach. The house is surrounded by the garden with aromatic Mediterranean herbs, layered stepwise in three levels.

The top level contains a patio covered with white sea pebbles, shaded by the wine tree where in the late September hang juicy red grapes. This is a delightful spot for enjoying the morning cappuccino, lunch or dinner. By the patio you will find a summer kitchen, open shower and the barbecue area stocked with firewood (a traditional stone hearth with peka - a cast-iron dome placed over coals).

Our newly built six-meters long swimming pool will bring most joy to your children. It contains high quality Desjoyaux water filtration system, solar water heating system, underwater lights and hydromassage. Volley net, water-polo goal, balls and air-mattresses will bring fun to adults too.

The swimming pool is located in the garden, lined with lavender shrubs and canopied by olive branches. It is accompanied by deck-chairs, beach umbrellas and a sun shower.

When the sunset, like with watercolours, paints the sky, the sea and old stone houses, while you are preparing grilled fish, oiling it with a sprig of fresh rosemary you just picked in the garden and then dipped in homemade olive oil, with a glass of good wine you will feel completely immersed in the Mediterranean way of life. Don't be surprised if your lips spontaniously start to hum O Sole Mio...



"In tempi come questi
la fuga è l'unico mezzo
per mantenersi vivi
e continuare a sognare."

"In times like this
escape is the only way
to stay alive
and continue to dream."

quote of Henri Laborit,
from the introduction
to film Mediterraneo


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