As Kaprije is located far from cities, industry or any other source of pollution, its shores are rinsed by the sea of exceptional clarity.

Some thirty meters from our house, next to the olive groves and rosemary shrubs, you will find an array of little paved beaches with stairs for easier entry to the sea. Spend a day sunbathing alone at the beach in front of our house in absolute peace, accompanied only by the soothing sound of the sea and crickets.

In the base of the Kaprije cove, fifteen minutes from our house, you will find a shallow gravel beach ideal for your children.

Another ten minutes away, a path between ancient dry-walls of vineyards and olive groves takes you to a true gem of the Kaprije island. The Nozdra cove is a savage place for those searching for a return to the primitive, uncontaminated and profoundly Mediterranean ambient, full of colours, tastes and scents. Natural white pebbly beach and large smooth flat rocks that are perfect for comfortable sunbathing, frame the turquoise sea and create contrast of irresistible beauty. If you prefer shade, you will find it under the pine trees that grow right next to the beach.

When you get thirsty or hungry after swimming, refreshments are waiting for you in the bar or in the restaurant on the other side of the Nozdra cove. Both objects are very nice, with stone facades blended with the countryside.

If you have some explorer's spirit, you have opportunity to use our small motor boat. It will allow you to discover more distant, pristine beaches of the Kaprije island and of surrounding islets.

Next to the neighbouring Kakan island, the blue lagoon will enchant you with its Caribbean-blue colour. Such intensive colour is caused by the seabed that seems to be sandy at the first glance, but if you dive (it is about 3m deep), you will find out that the entire seabed is covered with little white shells. While you swim there, you will feel like you immersed yourself into some unusual fluid instead of the warm sea water.

To help you reach all these places, we prepared the map of the area, marked the most beautiful beaches of our choice and added their photos. You can find the map in the apartment, as well as the waterproof version that you can carry when you go for a walk or to a boat trip around the island.

If you like scuba diving, you may have heard about two famous diving locations on the Kaprije island. Ship Francesca da Rimini sunk during World War II. Thanks to excellent visibility, you can recognize the ship's contour even at the depth of 10 meters. At the Kaprije promontory you will find unforgettable underwater walls with caves full of life.

Diving centre Oxygene operates in Kaprije during some ten weeks in the May-October period. They offer diving trips and kayak rental. You can also arrange the diving with some of the other diving centres in Sibenik area which offer trips to these locations.