If you decide to enrich your vacations by visiting other beauties of the Sibenik county, hop on the fast morning line in Kaprije and then choose some of the one-day excursions from Sibenik:

Historical town centre of Sibenik

Kornati national park - excursion by boat

Krka national park - excursion by boat


Historical town centre of Sibenik

Sibenik is situated in a bay naturally protected from all winds and storms, where "the limestone beauty" Krka river enters the Adriatic and where some of the very first Croatian settlers saw the sea for the first time.

In this stony structure, the soul of local people has grown into the labyrinth of narrow medieval streets. Traditional "klapa" singing and aromas of famous Sibenik wines are present between the houses at all times. As soon as you enter the town, it will take your heart, no matter if you arrive from the sea, beneath one of the four fortresses, or beside the magnificent cathedral of St.Jacob You will easily fall in love with Sibenik.

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Kornati national park

Like the first love that finds a place in your heart forever, the Kornati archipelago will captivate you with their pure beauty and the atmosphere you will never forget.

Naked stony landscape with 89 islands, islets and reefs will leave you breathless. Cliffs facing the open sea steeply plunge into the sea depths, as if some giant cut them with his gigantic knife. On the opposite side, the turquoise sea splashes sandy beaches. This unique archipelago will thrill you and you will only think how to come back and stay longer, sailing from islet to islet.

On the last day of the Creation, God desired to crown His work,
and thus created the Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath.

          George Bernard Shaw

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Krka national park

Krka river creates a chain of lace-like masterpieces along its way from the source to the mouth. Every morning the first rays of light rediscover the magnificence of more than 17 natural cascades.

Skradinski buk is the longest and the most beautiful cascade of the Krka river. It is one of the best known natural beauties of Croatia.

Water mills on the cascades are ancient establishments where the power of the water stream, via wooden toothed wheels, rotates the stone that grinds wheat or corn and produces flour.

In the past, clothes and blankets were washed in stamping mills at the middle of a stream, thus getting fresh natural scent and cleanness.

Krka hides one islet like a priceless treasure in the Visovac lake. This oasis of peace and harmony contains Franciscan monastery built in the 15th century.

With its beauties, Krka offers an exceptional experience of nature and the old times that seem to be trapped there forever.

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