General Terms and Conditions

I. General Information

1. Apartments Mediterraneo houses two apartments, of which apartment “Rustico” contains 5 beds (2+3) and apartment “Lavender” contains 4 beds (2+2) in bedrooms. Each apartment also contains a sofa in the living room which folds out into bed (140x200 cm).

2. Tariffs are calculated according to the price list posted on the website, as well as in the apartments.

3. Check-out time: Check out time is 10:00 AM or later if bilaterally agreed.

II. The Sojourn Tax

4. According to the Croatian Law on the Sojourn Tax, customers are required to pay the Sojourn Tax when paying for their accommodation. The Sojourn Tax in the Republic of Croatia varies depending on the travel period. The Sojourn Tax is included in our tariff of the apartment rental.

III. Reservations

5. Booking: Reservation inquiries are communicated through the contact form on the website http:// as well as via e-mail, telephone or face-to-face contact.

6. Reservation procedure:

1. Reservation inquiry is sent to the Management.

2. The Management responds to the inquiry.

3. If the response from the Management is positive, then the Guests are requested to pay the 30% deposit of the total rental costs (for the whole period of stay of the Guests).

4. After receiving the deposit, the reservation will be completed and the Management is obliged to keep the desired apartment for the Guests until their arrival, or until the cancellation of reservation on the part of the Guests, unless the situation described under 8.occurs.

7. Rejection of inquiry: the Management is entitled to reject inquiries for any reason.

8. Cancellation policy: If the Guests cancel the reservation after paying the deposit, and such cancellation occurs less then 30 days before the Guests' arrival, then the Management is entitled to retain the whole deposit. If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the Guests' arrival, then the Management is entitled to retain 50% of the Guests' deposit, and return the other 50% back to the Guests. The date of receipt of the written cancellation is used to calculate the cancellation costs.

9. Should the customer not arrive at the booked accommodation unit before midnight on the arrival date, and the Guests have not informed the Management, the reservation is considered cancelled, and therefore the cancellation costs will be charged as described above. Should the Guests find a replacement for the cancelled reservation, the Management will only charge the real costs caused by the replacement.

IV. Settlement of Bills

10. All bills are to be settled in the first hour of the first day of the Guests' stay in the apartment, or else the Guests shall be asked to leave, and their deposit (if such has been paid earlier) retained. Settlement of bills includes the payment of the total (or the remainder of the total) amount for services.

11. Refunds policy: There will be no refunds once the Guests start using the apartment, after having settled all the bills, under no circumstances.

12. Rental costs for the boat (if any) will be settled on the last day of the Guests’ stay.

V. House rules

13. Guests of Apartments Mediterraneo are required to observe moral norms in keeping the apartments and Apartments Mediterraneo premises clean, by avoiding spillage and the like, by not making noise (especially after 22h), by watching over younger children, etc.

14. Hazardous goods: storing of any articles of a combustible or hazardous nature in the apartments is strictly prohibited.

15. Candles: only lighting the “tee-light” candles is allowed inside the apartments, all other kinds of candles are strictly prohibited

16. Guests' belongings: Guests are responsible for their belongings. Apartments Mediterraneo shall not be held liable for the loss of Guests’ personal items.

17. Accidents: the Management does not hold itself responsible for any accidents, however caused, whether by use of electrical gadgets, mechanical appliances, or by natural causes, resulting in either loss or damage to themselves and/or their property.

18. Governmental rules and regulation: Guests are requested to observe the Governmental Rules and Regulations in force in respect of registration, illegal substances abuse, prostitution, firearms, illegal gambling – which are strictly prohibited.

19. Right of admission: The Management reserves to itself the absolute right of admission of any person in Apartments Mediterraneo premises and to request any Guest to vacate the apartment at moment without previous notice.

20. The Guests' visitors: No Guest's visitors are allowed to sleep in the apartment without the previous consent of the Management.

VI. Apartments cleaning and maintenance

21. Apartments are cleaned before the Guests' arrival and after their departure. That service is included in the tariff of apartment rental.

22. Bed sheets, towels and toilet paper are changed/restocked before the Guests' arrival and once a week thereafter.

VII. Insurance against damage

23. Damage to property: Guests shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to the Apartments Mediterraneo property caused by themselves, their friends or any other person for whom they are responsible.

24. Insurance deposit: Guests are requested to deposit either cash or an identity paper (such as passport), throughout their stay in Apartments Mediterraneo.

25. Cash deposit: the amount of cash deposit is 100 EUR.

26. Lien on the deposit: In the case of Guests causing damages, the Management shall keep the deposit (in either form) until damages are paid for.

27. Return of the deposit: If Guests caused no damage, the Management shall return the deposit (in either form) to Guests at the time of their departure.

28. Loss of keys: due to costs that the loss of a key may incur, in form of costs for replacements of locks and other keys in Apartments Mediterraneo, such costs shall be charged to Guests.